About The Cryptocats
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The ownership for each of these cats is stored on Ethereum. Ethereum is a decentralised platform that runs the smart contracts, powering the CryptoCat ownership. Applications on Ethereum run exactly as programmed without any possibility of censorship or third party interference.

Being built on blockchain means that by design, these CryptoCats are inherently resistant to modification of ownership. A digital decentralised certificate of authenticity for your CryptoCat.


12 Cats on the Blockchain: Demystifying Ethereum with the CryptoCats
In Decemeber 2017 we ran a masterclass for Academy Xi on building our full stack product and how we started with the MVP of 12 CryptoCats. The slides are available here.

First place at the Blockathon, Australia's biggest Blockchain Hackathon by Bitfwd
In November 2017, we won first prize with our winning pitch and launch of the Australian Blockchain Edition CryptoCats at the Blockathon in Sydney. See the video interview and an article about the hackathon.

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Nas (Left), Gendry (Center) and Jochy (Right) trying to get a photo with Jochy's cat Yoko.

Gendry Morales
Gendry is the hustle and the product leadership behind CryptoCats and an entrepreneur working on creative use cases for the blockchain. She specialises in modern leadership principles including self organisation and decentralisation and regularly speaks at conferences covering topics around data democratisation, game theory and new ways of designing governance. Team organisation and leadership strategies aside, she is all about the outcomes and loves playing a part in bringing ideas to life through working software.

Nas Munawar
Nas is the technical expert and back-end lead behind the CryptoCats. He brings the modern engineering practices around DevOps and full stack development to the blockchain. Nas has worked in some of the largest banks in Singapore, delivering complex projects across various geographical regions and teams. He enjoys being at the intersection of real-world problems and technology ever since he first laid hands on a 486 PC and developed his own pac-man game as a cure for boredom.

Jochy Reyes
Jochy is the UX/UI lead and Cat artist behind the CryptoCats. She comes from a backend engineering background and works as an Iteration Manager with some of the most modern digital organisations in Melbourne. More recently she is co-championing the Richmond Coder Dojo, a free programming club for kids.


The idea for the CryptoCats was inspired by Larva Labs. They released the 10,000 8-bit original collectible images of CryptoPunks on the Ethereum Blockchain. Look them up!

John and Matt from Larva Labs are pioneers and leading the way creating this interesting use case for Digital Collectible Art ownership using decentralised apps. Plus they are incredibly cool 8-bit artists, and super super awesome guys.

Thanks so much John & Matt!